Famous celeb reportedly molested woman with line, “Is this really your butt?”


An anonymous famous celebrity in his 50s is under investigation for molesting a woman in her 20s, according to a report by Channel A. However, that’s probably not even the most notable part of the news story because of the line he allegedly tried while doing it.

According to the report, at a top-class bar located in Cheongdam-dong, Seoul on March 11, ‘A’ touched the body parts of a woman in her 20’s, hence he is possibly being charged with sexual molestation. The woman’s friend had phoned the police and claimed that the woman had been molested by ‘A’ who had asked her, “Is this really your butt?”

Emphasis mine.

I understand that this story involves a serious issue, and the guy should face charges if it’s deemed legit … but I can’t get over the hilarity/audacity of this old fuck supposedly trying to a molest a young woman under the pretense that he was simply in disbelief that her ass was indeed her ass.

Is this really your butt?


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