Song Joong Ki is so popular in China that he required a public safety announcement


While idol fans argue about the popularity level of their biases, in the end they can rest assured that it’s all meaningless until they get on Song Joong Ki‘s level. Why? Because the man just had a public safety statement made in China about him, not over an event or an appearance, but just his general existence is a danger.

On March 12, China’s public safety Weibo page posted, “Korean drama fans beware! Alert of hidden harm in ‘Descendants of the Sun’. Females in Korea and China are love sick from Song Joong Ki. It is leading to a great amount of complaints by males.” The post continued, “Watching Korean dramas is more ‘dangerous’ than you think. You can end up facing lawsuits.”

Like … this could’ve been from The Onion and it would’ve been funny, but this is real life. Song Joong Ki is being treated like the plague or something because his existence on the screen is basically a hazard.

This public advisory might seem exaggerated, but there actually has been serious marriage conflicts and even divorce in China due to jealousy on the husband’s part due to their wives’ love of Song Joong Ki. Some people have even undergone plastic surgery to look more like the actor.

Sounds healthy.


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