‘TWICE’s Private Life’ Ep. 3 English Subs: Punishment & Selling Themselves


TWICE’s Private Life‘ is back for episode three with English subs, and it’s basically about the girls torturing each other.


Because six members got Momo‘s blood type wrong, they had to be punished. As expected, Jungyeon is the ringleader of the punishment idea committee, because she’s scary.


The first tasks fell to Momo, who had to ask a bystander for a random picture, and Sana, who had to get somebody to play along with her quoting ‘Reply 1988‘. Momo got hers done eventually, but Sana’s … failed.



I have this physical aversion to cringe, and my god was this painful.

The next two were Dahyun, who had to dance in a costume, and Jihyo who had to ask a random stranger for a bite of their food.


That thing dancing to “Ooh-Ahh” must’ve been a sight to behold.

Last but not least were Mina and Nayeon in a haunted house type of thing, but Tzuyu … well.



Just wants to see the world burn is all.


The mission that sets up the next episode is to sell their own shit so they can have money to eat, basically. Surprised they didn’t just make them sell their blood or organs instead.


Credit for the ‘Netizen Rorschach Test’ of Tzuyu goes to the comment section, as usual.


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