DEAN’s “Bonnie & Clyde” is a perfectly modern R&B gem


DEAN‘s “Bonnie & Clyde” is an impressive and rare take on modern R&B out of Korea.

The instrumental itself was rather basic sounding, but DEAN effectively used his vocal as an instrument to get the sound to play up to higher standards. It wasn’t only the change in pitch and tone that helped set the song off, but more importantly it was the flow in which he did it that helped “Bonnie & Clyde” mesh with the instrumental perfectly. Thus, despite a chill pacing, the verses managed to remain fresh and interesting throughout, and the chorus was woven smoothly into the song with an ironically memorable “Who cares? Who cares?” standing out.

The aesthetic and at times psychedelic music video was also a pleasure to watch, and I did enjoy the foreshadowing.


A modern R&B song through and through, DEAN makes the most out of “Bonnie & Clyde”, taking cues from artists like The Weeknd and Fetty Wap while putting his own flavor on it. Few if any are doing this type of sound in Korea right now, and it definitely helps him stand out in the crowd.


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