will.i.am’s “Superdope” with CL has leaked and the song is indeed laced with fentanyl


CL is featuring on will.i.am‘s “Superdope” song, which recently leaked, and … well it’s a song.

The dope has indeed been laced with fentanyl, leaving you not dead as in amazing, but dead as in dead, you know?

Usually the lyrics for a pop song aren’t that important (if they are at all), but I thought they would do away with the “ticky-ticky”/”tippy-tippy” pattern after like one try or so, but it just goes on and on throughout the song. Regardless, I don’t expect anything not terrible in that department from him or her, so that alone didn’t ruin the song. What did, however, was the bland, comatose production with zero build.

So yeah, this fucking sucks, but it’s a will.i.am song and CL is just featuring anyway.


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