Fans put on fight of the century for the Cosmic Girls over photography position


On their way to an event with their manager, Cosmic Girls were treated to what might be the fight of the century between two girls attempting to photograph them.

1) Notice that while the girls are shocked, their manager’s instinct was to fix the barriers and just make sure the girls weren’t going to be involved. Dude has seen some shit and that definitely wasn’t the first time he’s seen fans throwing hands.

2) The one that looks like TWICE‘s Jungyeon (and how do we know it’s NOT?!) has wonderful Karl Malone-esque boxing out technique, throwing those elbow at jaw level to make sure that even if she loses, she still wins.

3) It blows my mind how everything just sorta goes back to normal afterward.

Did anybody see me elbow that bitch in the face twice and throw that straight right that would’ve put Muhammad Ali down? Nah, be cool, be cool. She’s lucky I missed, tho.

Fans are the best.


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