Rapper Iron among 10 arrested for marijuana use, which hopefully explains a lot


10 people were recently arrested for smoking marijuana in Korea, and according to the report, there were multiple celebrities involved. While the identities were sort of a mystery for a while, according to another report, one of the individuals booked was rapper Iron.

On April 1, reports revealed that 10 individuals were booked without detention on charges of smoking marijuana on several different occasions. They were sent to the prosecution on March 30. The identity of one these individuals has been revealed to be rapper Iron whose legal name is Jung Heon Chul. The 24-year-old was the runner-up on “Show Me the Money 3.”

They also tested positive for marijuana and informed the police about how they met foreigners at a club in Itaewon and purchased marijuana through the internet. Also, they revealed that they smoked marijuana because it gave them confidence and helped them focus.

Met a foreigner at a club? Just say you thought it was a cigarette, you IDIOTS!

While this is probably gonna go badly for Iron, there is a silver lining to all this for him, as he now has an excuse for the tattoo…


…and his appearance on ‘YamanTV‘ (1/2).

And now that I think of it, Iron was the perfect choice for “Don’t Be Shy” with Primary and AOA‘s Choa.


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