Shannon was being a douchey idiot on her V app broadcast with Dani and J


So Shannon went on V app yesterday with Dani and somebody named J, and she announced before that a lot of it would be conducted in English, which understandably had many international fans of hers excited.

The problem was that she did a bunch of dumb shit while on the broadcast that overwhelmed any positive attention she’d get for her singing and the other stuff she was doing. Around 11:50 into the broadcast, she called the J guy “so gay” when he was doing aegyo, then she said Dani was “special needs” when she was trying to guess that it was a sheep Dani was miming around 39:27, and while she was covering Beyonce‘s “Formation” at around 7:11, she sung along to the “negro” line from the lyrics, which is never all that advised.

Regardless of how offended you are or are not by all that (the “special needs” shit was ugh, personally), I think everybody can agree it’s fucking dumb as hell for a public figure to do this stuff. But what really seemed to set everything off was her odd response to people trying to tell her they had a problem with what she said.


I don’t understand what part of the criticism is related to humor, though. It doesn’t even make sense.

Of course, the people flooding the Instagram of a 17-year-old and encouraging her to “kill yourself” or “die” or things of that nature are clearly over the line for the “crime” of offending social niceties. It’s rather unnerving to watch people who think they’re in the moral right idiotically threaten her with death over this shit, and it goes to show that the flip side can act just as stupid. But there has to be a happy medium where people can agree that Shannon was acting like an idiot, gave a horrid response to people calling out her dumbassness, and that none of what she did warrants threats.


I’ve also seen a few who comment here try to defend this. Why? I’m a fan of hers, but at best, this was clearly stupid and she comes off like a douchey teenage airhead that’s trying too hard. Not the best look for somebody trying to build a career and currently relies on a ton of international support.

Sure, the most that should come of this is that Shannon needs to grow up, but there’s nothing to excuse, really. I thought people were getting worked up over nothing when I read about some kind of controversy, but after watching it for myself, I find it hard to disagree with people saying she was acting like a dipshit.


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