‘Produce 101’ Ep. 10 English Subs: It’s bias eliminating time!


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Produce 101’ episode 10 is here with English subs and the stan crushing is coming.





I’ll be the first one to admit that this episode (and most likely the upcoming episode) was an interesting watch. By this point, a lot of fans already know who the final 11 are, and one would think that this knowledge would make the upcoming few episodes boring (since it has all devolved into a crying and performance-fest anyway), but that would be wrong. This episode was entertaining in the same way that watching ‘Titanic‘ is: you already know what’s going to go down, but it’s still fun to watch the ship sink.


That being said, Mnet could not have picked a more boring beginning to the episode. Perhaps all of the previous drama has ruined me to the mundane, non-crying aspects of idol life, because I could hardly pay attention to their various idol preparation lessons. However, there was one lesson that succeeded in catching my attention (and hitting me right in the feels).

The contestants were asked to talk about their feelings and the stress that the competition has caused them. In any other episode, I would have found this segment a bit uninteresting and par for the course considering how much crying has occurred. Yet, this really affected me now that I know whose fears/anxieties were well founded. It is especially sad when someone like Chanmi, who started strong and got the shaft in terms of editing, break down in response to the various criticisms that she has received.

Produce 101-Chanmi

Produce 101-Chanmi 2

Produce 101-Quote

Since we can’t have an episode filled solely with drama, we were given another look at Jang Geun Suk’s thirst. Said thirst has been dormant throughout the bulk of the series, but it made a much needed re-emergence with offers to take contestants out.

Produce 101-JGS

Produce 101-JGS 2

In addition to slight thirst, Mnet offered a response to the Sohye conspiracy theories, complete with music form ‘The X Files‘.

Produce 101-Sohye

Produce 101-Sohye 2

Produce 101-Sohye 3

Produce 101-Sohye 4

The truth is out there.

After the various segments, we are finally gifted with another ranking announcement. This is the first ranking with the altered voting system (voters are only allowed one vote per person), so one can assume that this ranking would be a more valid indication of a contestant’s popularity.

For those who do not know the top 11 already, our current top three consists of Yoojung, Sejeong, and Somi.

Produce 101-Group

The eliminations for this third round of rankings is perhaps the hardest, and a lot of stanned contestants, most noticeably Insun, Juna, and Chanmi, got the axe.

With that, we are introduced to the final ranking challenge: a performance of IOI’s debut song.


Next week will be the guerrilla performance of the debut song.

Please anticipate.

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