Somebody is trying to “save” Sulli from Choiza with an unhinged, rambling rant


I’m not exactly sure how to describe what I’m about to post, but I think it’s a rant (or campaign) from a Sulli fan that’s concern trolling her over her relationship with Choiza. It’s a long, unhinged experience, and I have a summary after the gallery if you want to skip it, but if you’re into punishment, then give it a whirl.

The gist is this: She’s saying Sulli is having an emotional breakdown because Choiza is sexually abusing her. It’s stated that she suspects that Choiza is a sex addict, that he made Sulli leave f(x), and that he is the cause of Sulli’s “change”. There’s a lot of conclusions drawn there and it includes an accusation of a serious crime, but the only evidence she cites for why she feels this way is Sulli’s Instagram, Koreaboo articles about netizen comments, and likely Netizen Buzz articles when she cites other negative netizen reaction to Sulli.

Fucking yikes.

Of course, I’m not gonna say I know for sure that nothing is wrong with Sulli or Choiza, because I don’t know shit about them. But that’s the entire point, right? That I don’t know shit about their relationship, so it’s nuts to go around dropping accusations of sexual abuse or acting like you’re qualified to psychoanalyze them. Yet, that’s exactly what this fan feels fine doing.

Like just hit the fucking brakes for a bit.

Or, as one Asian Junkie regular put it:


Note: Dunno if anybody was gonna do it, but please do NOT go around harassing this person and all that dumb shit. I’m only giving this the time of day because she’s apparently trying to make this into some kind of serious campaign and it’s fucking ridiculous.


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