IU dominates illegal download charts, because of course she does


The 2015 chart for illegal downloads was released recently, and guess who was at the top of the rankings for both artist and song? That’s right, muthafuckin iljin Nation’s Pedo Sister sly fox slut queen IU.

1) IU (68,762)
2) MC The Max (40,331)
3) Bigbang (40,286)
4) Davichi (37,846)
5) Park Hyo Shin (31,229)

1) Friday – IU (19,184)
2) Meaning of You – IU (17,589)
3) Wildflower – Park Hyo Shin (17,287)
4) A Midsummer Night’s Sweetness – San E & Raina (15,996)
5) Just Looking – MC The Max (14,417)

The fact that the top five rankings of pirated music is filled with popular artists and popular songs shouldn’t be a surprise since that’s usually the case, but OF COURSE the fandom of such a vile human being like IU would be participating the most in illegal activity.

Tsk, when will she take control of her group of thugs? It’s almost as if IU was the leader of a branch of a criminal conglomerate or something and her fans are being used as soldiers. So it’s fortunate then that no such thing exists.


What would we do if it did?
As if anything would be possible for us to do about it from our computers.
You’d think the police would handle that.
‘Twas my initial thought as well, but then I remembered that bribes exist.
So now I’m thinking about the possibility again and it’s scary.

Good for them, though, I guess.
If they do exist, then they’re doing a wonderful job of keeping quiet.
Regulating in the darkness with a mask during the day to hide suspicion.
Lest they get figured out and arrested.
So I send my admiration in a sick way.

Still, what about society at large and our safety?
Expectations are that we’re all safe, but are we?
Not with a conglomerate of thugs running around.
Depressing to think about, really.

Hot damn, I’m rambling.
Essentially, a gang may seem admirable, but they’re still a problem.
Live, laugh, love.
Please. Life is short.


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