IOI, the ‘Produce 101’ group, drops poverty MV for noisy song in “Crush”


IOI, the girl group from ‘Produce 101‘, released the music video for “Crush” late yesterday.

I was not impressed.

I don’t watch ‘Produce 101’, but I’ve been hearing about this song on social media and that it was a jam, but I don’t quite get it? Maybe I need to watch the show or something, but while it was nice to get an upbeat dance track from a girl group, the instrumental and vocals felt like a lot of noise just for the sake of noise with nothing in particular standing out. I remember almost nothing about it five minutes after listening to it except for the fact that it was upbeat and there was a lot of screaming vocals.

Quite frankly, the whole experience was like (yes) listening to an AKB48 song with more of a Western (K-pop) edge to it. Enough of a beat to perform at a concert or theater, but too much going on and ultimately forgettable.

Also, while I have no idea if this is their official debut or not, I hope it isn’t, because the music video is less a music video than it is footage of them recording the song in studio and fucking around in a practice room. That’s probably enough to tide over fans who already know them from the show, but if you’re like me, this wasn’t necessarily the best first impression.

None of this matters, of course, because they are popular and should do well on the charts as a result of the reality show. However, on “Crush” there are a bunch of indications that IOI is indeed a collection of girls that were quickly cobbled together into a makeshift group.


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