Netizens indulged us, so let’s see how your Sulli overreaction predictions did!


Yesterday morning, I figured that the previous Instagram posts that Sulli made would generate articles by journalists and netizen overreaction. Well, the netizens certainly did their part, so let’s check how we did!


Asian Junkie Prediction: “Lolita slut that has an oral fixation which is clearly about Choiza’s poison cock.”

The top netizens commented on this article read, “Lolololol She’s acting like that because of all the articles,” “It seems like Sulli is the only one who doesn’t know that she broke up with Choiza..? If that’s not that the case, then how can he be so negligent of his own girlfriend,” “Why is she like this,” “I bet her breath real hot,” “This chick always has something in her mouth,” and, “‘actress’ Sulli??”

So close!

I got a hit on with the reference to oral fixation and that it would somehow involving Choiza, but even I couldn’t predict they would try to drag her career choices into it or wildly speculate that she broke up with Choiza because he doesn’t regulate her life like an overseer.

Asian Junkie Prediction: “Everything is about sex. She’s become a sex-addicted monster because of Choiza.”

The top three comments read, “Choiza, please take Sulli to the hospital,” “Can someone please take her to the hospital..” and, “Really, even if it’s not treatment, she needs to receive something like mental counseling.. Her boyfriend probably isn’t enjoying stuff like that with her, right?..;;” Other comments are similar in thought, going, “Why is she consistently like this.. what about her image..” “No matter how many bad comments are left here telling her to do this or that, there’s only praise if you go to Sulli’s Instagram ;;” and a more severe “Pervert girl. Horny bitch.”

I should’ve seen this bullshit coming, really.


Overall, the common theme appears to be that even when I purposefully try to make myself as deluded and stupid as people who comment on articles related to Sulli, I can’t quite achieve that mindset.

I apologize, will reflect, and shall return later with a deluded mind.


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