JYP teams with Conan O’Brien & Steven Yeun to drop hot “Fire” #StanConanOppa2K16


The much anticipated Conan O’Brien episode in Korea has arrived (which I’ll cover later), and as part of that, JYP has released “Fire“, which features Conan, actor Steven Yeun, and Park Jimin.

Honestly, why is “Fire” a better song than “Still Alive“? What? I was expecting a joke song with minimal effort that was just gonna be used for a bunch of funny moments in the music video, but instead we got an upbeat, 80s post-disco dance-rock instrumental. “Fire” also comes complete with a catchy hook that utilizes rarely-heard-in-Korea rock-inspired wailings and runs. Even the post-chorus, which I’m assuming was Park Jimin’s job, was a nice touch that helped the transition and assisted the song in carrying momentum throughout, which was definitely a positive because the whole thing was infectious fun.

Adding onto that is the music video, which includes cameos from the Wonder Girls, TWICE, and Conan’s iconic ‘String Dance’, which they made into a K-pop point dance.





Even in this music video, targeted for the international audience, he’s still dropping the meme he made of himself.


There’s even K-pop whiskey now.


Of course, there’s K-pop styled Conan and Steven.


Hell, even the plot is more coherent than a lot of K-pop drama music videos.


I legit want this song to blow up so Conan and Steven have to come back to Korea to accept awards at shows and perform at 2016 MAMA or something.

Please god, I just want to see this performed live.

Concept of the year. Choreography of the year. Song of the year.



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