Kim Hyun Joong’s lawyer realizes he could lose, wants to drop lawsuit


Going back to actually important things besides stans being upset that somebody doesn’t like certain music releases, Kim Hyun Joong‘s lawyer has recently come forward to suggest that the custody and child support lawsuit between his client and his ex be dropped.

Kim Hyun Joong’s lawyer also brought the idea officially before the court, suggesting that each side be responsible for their own legal fees and wrap up the suit. The lawyer said, “We’ve stated our piece, so is it not the case where the only thing left is a judicial decision?,” strongly urging Ms. Choi’s side to agree. However, Ms. Choi’s lawyer requested more time to make a decision, saying, “My client is currently in poor health, so I haven’t been able to meet with her to discuss her opinion.”

This makes little sense considering the whole reason they’re in court to begin with is because both sides want sole custody of the child. Of course both sides have stated their case, that’s the point of court, so why go through all that effort if what you actually wanted was to settle?

The only reason I can think that KHJ’s side would suddenly want to come to a settlement is because they feel their client could lose after all the evidence related to the case emerged. It’s honestly a bizarre tactic unless there’s a different compromise on the table now compared to before.


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