Gyuri says that Youngji is not actually KARA and that KARA is not disbanded


While we were long under the assumption that KARA was in fact KARA, but it turns out that KARA was in fact not KARA but KARA was just Youngji who was a part of KARA.

This was revealed in a recent interview with formerly rumored non-KARA but now apparently actual KARA member Gyuri while talking about KARA.

The idol and actress shared, “I think even though KARA haven’t disbanded or anything, because we’re all now under different labels, our activities together as a group will become more scarce. But aside from KARA, I want to be active individually. Because I started out as a child actress, I’m thinking I want to try go deeper into acting rather than singing.”

So KARA haven’t disbanded, huh?

As for people referring to KARA as “disbanded” these days, Gyuri stated, “The honest truth is just that we’ve split up into different labels, but the simplest way to describe that is by saying that we’ve ‘disbanded,’ so people who aren’t fully aware seem to be expressing it as if we’ve really disbanded.”

Wait, so that crazy fandom dream rumor that they could all reunite in Japan at a later date is legit?

She further added, “We keep in close contact with one another. We’ve been talking about finding a good opportunity to release an album and promote as KARA. And even though we meet up privately a lot, sometimes we like to update our SNS accounts with pictures together just to let our fans know, ‘We’re all doing well, so please don’t worry about us.’ None of us want to worry our fans.”

Oh my god.

And just like that, we potentially have the next fandom that is gonna cling to a reunification for the next decade.


I guess there’s enough rice for KARA after all.


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