FEMM, FAKY, Yup’in join to create FAMM’IN, then drop an EDM, R&B, Japanese folk track


Avex artists FEMM, FAKY, and Yup’in have teamed up to create the group FAMM’IN, and they dropped their debut release as a group in “Circle“.

It’s hard to describe exactly what this track is, musically. I guess the best way to sum it up is a combination of EDM, trap, R&B, and Japanese folk music. While we always talk about how some songs seem like they’re off original soundtracks, and we mean that they seem meant to be included in melodramas, this track seems more attuned to being included in the actual score to a movie.

Musically, while I didn’t enjoy it in terms of “Circle” being something I would listen to over and over, the instrumental is amazing and it’s certainly one of the most original sounds you’ll hear out of mainstream pop music artists. That said, it also feels like they forgot to add the vocal track or something, and this really could’ve potentially been a next-level jam if that was included.

As it is, the aesthetic of the music video was on point, I think I understand what they were doing with this musical concept, and it has been executed well, but that doesn’t help it necessarily become a listenable song. Regardless, it’s hard not to appreciate everything that’s at play.


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Thot Leader™