KCSC sanctions ‘SNL Korea’ over Zico/Park Kyung kiss, which made kids gay


Korea Communications Standards Commission (KCSC) mentioned that they fielded complaints from viewers about a ‘Saturday Night Live Korea‘ sketch in which Zico and Park Kyung kissed during a skit. Rather than telling them to fuck right off, they agreed with the viewers that Zico and Park Kyung were turning kids gay and sanctioned the show.

Viewers are reported to have complained, “A storyline supporting homosexuality on a show that minors watch isn’t suitable for television.” In the end, the KCSC agreed with viewers and came to the conclusion to impose a sanction on ‘SNL Korea’.

Wait, but I thought ‘SNL Korea’ is a 19+ show anyway? So the better question is why are these negligent parents not watching their kids? Take the kids away from these morons who think a skit is brainwashing their children but are still watching adult programming with them.

Not that I disagree with the concerned viewers, of course, because I certainly turned gay after watching that.


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