Tiffany to make solo debut in May, might compete with Jessica #PleaseGod


The solo debut dates of Tiffany and Jessica aren’t yet known, but with the announcement that Tiffany will be releasing her album in May, the same month as Jessica, we are now in prime #TeamSchadenfreude territory and I’m just praying to the glorious Flying Spaghetti Monster that they go head-to-head.

Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany is confirmed to finally make her solo debut with a mini album that will be released sometime in the second week of May. She recently finalized the preparations for her album. For a three-day period, starting April 25, Tiffany filmed the music video for her title track, and participated in a photo shoot for the album. Her new album will feature songs of many different genres that will showcase Tiffany’s unique charms and musicality. The singer plans on continuing to practice hard in order to show a more perfect performance onstage.

Fans of Jessica and SNSD are already on edge because they want to AVOID competitions like this, but as I’ve said before, I think this kind of stuff works out swimmingly for both sides. Fans will never be more galvanized to pick their side and promote their favorite than for a competition like this, and if all you care about is money (like, say, a corporation) or attention (like, say, a celebrity) then this is exactly the kind of money-driving, attention-grabbing mess you want during the promotional cycle.

Cannot fucking wait.


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