Yesung’s mom didn’t like his name, so she changed it without telling Yesung


The mother of Super Junior member Yesung apparently does basically whatever the fuck she wants, as Yesung revealed on ‘Kiss The Radio‘ recently that his mom changed his legal name without asking/telling him.

On the April 29 broadcast of “Super Junior’s Kiss the Radio,” DJ Leeteuk spoke up about fellow member Yesung, who recently had his legal name changed from Jongwoon to Jonghoon. Leeteuk said, “Yesung’s real name is Kim Jongwoon. However, the Chinese character for ‘Woon’ means ‘cloud,’ and his mother felt that because clouds sometimes cast shadows, the name Jongwoon didn’t sound good.” He continued, “So without asking Yesung for his permission, she went to the name registrar’s office and changed his name. She said she changed his name in the family register, too.”

So it’s one thing to go ahead and do something like that, which honestly sounds potentially illegal, but it’s another thing to do that and not tell your kid for three goddamn months.

Leeteuk then revealed that Yesung’s mother waited about three months before telling him that she changed his name. “Yesung’s reaction was just, ‘Mom, you did what?’ So now he’s Kim Jonghoon, and I hope that everyone will call him by his new name. No one knew, right?”

I’m sure a lot of fangirls and fanboys want to date Yesung, but good luck getting the approval of mother dearest.


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