Nine Muses open up their Makestar for photobook charity project


Nine Muses being on Makestar was previously teased here, but at that time we didn’t know exactly what they were doing. Well, now we know they’re using it for a photobook and that all profits from it will be heading towards charity.

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Yesterday, when it was announced what the project would be and what time it was going live, people asked me to write about it. But fuck that, I had to get mine just in case shit sold out quicker than I thought, and now that I have, everybody can have the scraps.


Anyway, luckily there’s still a lot of stuff available (or there was as I’m writing this), and they are opening up more spots for different packages as they go since certain options sold out almost immediately.


The goal for this photobook project was $30,000 and that total was hit in less than 30 minutes. Last I checked Nine Muses were at $45,000 (like 150% of their goal) with 21 days left. If nothing else, this is a solid showing for their international fandom and hopefully it encourages Star Empire Entertainment to use this avenue to monetize international fans for their comeback or whatever.


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