Eddy Kim & Lee Sung Kyung’s “Sweet Kiss Like Coffee” ends up fairly disappointing


Eddy Kim recently released “Sweet Kiss Like Coffee” featuring actress/model Lee Sung Kyung, who is probably best known for her role as Baek In Ha in the manhwa adapted drama ‘Cheese In The Trap.‘ I quite like Eddy’s music, so I was really looking forward to hearing this and curious what Ms. Lee would have to offer.


From the title alone, and Eddy’s signature acoustic styling, I assumed this would be fit for a coffee house. Nothing wrong with that, there’s plenty of coffee house music that I really enjoy! But, what I didn’t realize was how underwhelming this entire release would be. There’s nothing particularly offensive about it, and it’s not terrible by any means, but it’s just kind of ‘eh’ for lack of a better word. I’ve not only heard Eddy Kim sound better, but I’ve also heard him come up with way more interesting melodies.

However, there’s definitely a couple of things that could have made the experience less disappointing. First, whatever that ASMR-like talk-rapping was serves absolutely zero purpose in the song, and was pretty awkward. It irked me from the opening line to the ending note. The thing that bothers me most, though, is how long they waited to bring in the featuring.


At around the 2:00 minute mark, we finally hear Lee Sung Kyung come in, which is easily the most excitement the entire song has to offer. They blend well together, the harmonies were lovely, and I even felt Eddy sang a bit better once she came in. Which begs me to question why this wasn’t a full on duet from the start. This was definitely a missed opportunity.


The good news is she’s pretty, and infinitely less awkward than Eddy for the entire music video. Speaking of, there’s not much to say since the music video was just about as uninspired as the song itself.


So, while I think the song has the potential to not be so lackluster with a few adjustments, even then I still don’t think it’s a song I’d be replaying. I’ll have to look forward to Eddy’s next, and leave you with a visual representation of this one by the lovely Lee Sung Kyung.


I feel you, girl.

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