Tiffany forgets Jessica’s name in answer to question about her … let them fight


It’s time to look far too much into vanilla-ass interview answers, and so here’s Tiffany doing her best ‘I don’t know her’ to a question about Jessica, which apparently was asked during her showcase earlier.

Q. The former member of Girls’ Generation Jessica will release her solo album a week later. What do you think about it?
Tiffany: You know, these days there are many singers who release their solo albums. I think all of them worked really hard, and some of them might have prepared for their albums longer than I did. I hope everybody will get a satisfactory result.

It’s happening!

Being asked a direct question about Jessica and then replying like you have no goddamn idea who that even is has to be the start of the shade war we all want, right?

Please, god.

Hell, apparently they even shared the same backup dancers and everything.

Come onnnnn.


Credit on the lead picture to whoever made it. I have no idea who, but it wasn’t me.


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