Sana & Dahyun on meth doing ‘shashasha’ because you guys hate it + send in more

There is a significant amount of people who comment here that hate ‘shashasha’ updates, and as such, I’ve decided to make a post about perhaps most the most annoying and overly happy ‘shashasha’ update by Sana and Dahyun of TWICE.

Furthermore, I am calling on all the TWICE fans to send me updates of idols doing ‘shashasha’ for the purpose of making this a regular update on this site to piss off as many of my readers as possible. Bonus points if they are in a half shirt.

Speaking of updates, here’s Hyunsik of BTOB doing it!

Remember that your pain is my pleasure and I hope to constantly barrage you with posts about this dank aegyo meme until you leave the site forever or writhe in physical pain from how annoyed you are with this.



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