VMC bring a raw, old school collab to the table with “The Villains”


For as much as I complain about how trap and basic R&B/hep-hap combos have made for a ton of mediocre mainstream Korean rap tracks in recent times, the group/crew collabs have generally been on point and VMC‘s “The Villains” off Nucksal‘s ‘The God Of Small Things‘ is no exception.

In addition to Nucksal, Vismajor Crew members Don Mills, Deepflow, Wutan, and ODEE were on the track, and they all held their own (some more surprisingly than others).

The beat is simple, but this didn’t need a complex backing and just needed to serve as a vehicle for the verses to shine. “The Villains” has an old-school flair to it and was an extremely raw effort, which is something that’s always appreciated in my books.


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