Yoseob of BEAST takes a dump all over his company, CUBE Entertainment


BEAST have been doing … well, I don’t know exactly what they’ve been doing other than Hyunseung leaving, and I think that’s the entire point of frustration for fans of the group. While fans complaining about a company not doing enough is a common thing, more rare is an idol like Yoseob directly tweeting to the company to call them out for not doing shit for him.

Cube Entertainment posted an article about HyunA’s appearance on ‘Animal Farm’ on their Twitter. Yoseob saw this and tweeted them back, writing, “A yo, Cube? How have you been? Today, I sang with Jo Soo Mi-sunsaengnim. It looks like you didn’t know, so I’m leaving a comment♡ Have a nice Friday!!!!!”

Bullshit Translator: “Cube Entertainment, you useless motherfuckers, I sang with Jo Sumi recently and you didn’t promote that for fuck, but you’re dickriding HyunA weeping over animals? Go fuck yourself. Hyunseung had the right idea after all.

The fact that Cube didn’t respond makes it all the better. Hopefully Yoseob burns that motherfucker down.


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