I.O.I’s Yoojung’s asshole is ripped & bleeding, yet nobody understands why she’s salty


I.O.I‘s Yoojung has a fucking anal fissure that causes her ass to bleed when she poops, and likely causes discomfort at all times of the day until her assholes fixes the rip it has. But not only does she have that condition, they made her illustrate it and show it to a television audience on ‘Vitamin‘.

The panelists were asked to draw their feces. Yoojung drew a poop with blood and said, “When I defecate, the toilet gets filled with blood. It stings.” A doctor replied, “It’s a typical symptom of piles. Your anus is ripped.”


Back when I used to lift seven days a week and kill nothing but farms of chicken a day, I had this issue (cause salad is for rabbits!), and it is literally fucking shit (a pun).

Yet, when Yoojung was found to be looking salty as fuck the rest of the show, people were pissed at her.

Some netizens have shown criticisms including “It looks like she didn’t focus well,” “If she did that throughout the episode then that’s not good,” and “It doesn’t look good since she’s still a rookie.”


Fantagio, her agency, had to issue an apology/clarification.

Her agency, Fantagio, stated, “She’s having a tough time due to her busy schedule. It is true that she is inexperienced. We will be more cautious next time. Choi Yoojung will work harder in the future.”

This is the worst.

How about that she’s looking all salty and uncomfortable cause her ass is ripped open by her Shindong-sized doo doo?

A goddamn professional athlete was sidelined for two weeks after tearing his asshole like this, and he was getting paid millions, but Yoojung can’t even look salty as fuck for having to draw her bleeding shits on TV?

Come the fuck on.


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