Otakus rejoice! ‘The Idolmaster’ is coming to Korea to be a mess!


Y’all thought “Pick Me” was the epitome of idol fuckery? Assumed that ‘Produce 101’ was the paragon of idol creation? Wrong! Bandai has announced that a Korean drama version of ‘The Idolmaster’ is in the works.

It’s a great news to congratulate that Japan’s beloved video game, The Idolmaster, has inspired [email protected], a new Korean television drama, to launch. This project provides a unique opportunity to witness simulated characters come alive onto TV screens. The Idolmasterfans,please support your new idols in [email protected]!

Admittedly, Korean adaptations of anime/video games have been hit or miss. That being said, the inclusion of a voting system makes me a bit more hopeful for the eventual result. Much like in ‘The Idolmaster’ video games, viewers will be given the opportunity to choose eventual group members based on their audition videos.

My interest, and perhaps the success of the show as a whole, hinges on the pool of prospective group members. ‘The Idolmaster’ is so successful because of its harem-like gaggle of idols. Bandai intends to cast what is referred to as “idol hopefuls” and show their progression throughout the show. Additionally, the prospective idols are not limited to Korean trainees, which means that international audition tapes will be accepted.

Basically, audiences could be tortured by blessed with super nugus, eliminated ‘Produce 101’ trainees, or a recreation of the ‘Show Me The Money 5’ American auditions. None of the aforementioned possibilities sound terrible, so I will definitely be anticipating.

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