Everyone should be watching Minah & Namgoong Min’s drama, “Beautiful Gong Shim”


Minah, one of four goddesses that are Girl’s Day, recently¬†debuted as an actress in the drama “Beautiful Gong Shim. Minah plays this iconic (in my eyes) female character that could stepped out of ANY American 90s TV drama, and it’s like a dream come true.

Anyway, within the first two episodes (which is where I’m at now) there’s already a bit of a love triangle between Minah, a pervert lawyer, and a cute rich man’s son. Obviously, I’m rooting for pervert lawyer because it’s Namgoong Min and he’s hot as fuck.


Minah’s character of course fancies the pants off rich mans son, who is played by On Joo Wan. Hell, she even curled the ends of her hair for him. So adorable.


Namgoong Min, for his part, is such a beautiful man, and plays the best pervert lawyer in the world.



Everyone breathe in his good looks.

Most importantly, this was a thing that happened.




Girl’s Day will forever win at facial expressions. Minah’s acting is 100% gold throughout thus far, and people need to join me on this goddamn hype train.


Move over T.O.P, it’s Namgoong Min’s time now.

Watch it with me, dammmit.

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