Xia, Di, Ta-e leave Rania & DR Music, set to debut with new group Ela8te


Xia, Di, and T-ae have left the group Rania and the agency DR Music, and instead of coming back with Rania, they’ll be debuting with rookie girl group Ela8te with Hama Entertainment.

The three members will be debuting in a new girl group named Ela8te under Hama Entertainment. Furthermore, the members will be using their birth names instead of using their stage names from RANIA. Xia is Jinyoung, Di is Darae, and T-ae will go by Taeeun. According to an inside source, the three original members of RANIA had their exclusive contracts expire last month. DR Music tried to negotiate resigning, but the members decided not to.




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RANIA had been planning on making a comeback in April, but it got delayed with the departure of members. It appears as though DR Music will be debuting a hip-hop unit featuring Hyemi and Alexandra. The agency also stated that a group comeback will be pushed back to August. These plans were revealed in a statement last month. It remains unclear whether the agency will continue with these plans now.

So we think Alexandra and Hyemi will still debut their hip-hop unit and that the group will come back later this year … but we don’t actually really know much of anything in terms of where things stand.

Then again, even if DR Music announced their plans, who would believe them?


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