Music Video Lessons: U-KISS’ “Stalker” says to terrorize the girl you like until she’s yours


U-KISS are back with “Stalker“, and while the song is whatever, the music video combined with the lyrics to the song are certainly one of the creepiest concepts ever.

Sure, making date rape, encouraging men to be more rapey, and stalking cute things were always cringy as fuck, but I suppose one could write those off as ill-advised attempts at jokes or light-heartedness. U-KISS blow that any notion of joking out of the water and try to make stalking seriously sexy and advised.

In this pitch black night
I wake again
Again, I visit the woman
Who stole my heart




Get a little closer like a shadow
Just so she wouldn’t notice


Sort of shitty stealth, really.

The moon shines on her
And I follow STALKER
Wherever it is
I will only follow you

Sup, gurl.



And you hide again
I follow you
One more step
I follow you

Look man, even their choreo is about voyeur.


The moment the tip of my fingers feel you
I disappear

The ending of the music video is amazing in what it’s saying, honestly.




Yeah, the music video ends with a woman running into a guy’s arms. But following the narrative of the music video, it seems clear that what she’s doing is being scared shitless by the stalker, and because she’s scared, she ends up running to the guy for protection but he’s actually the stalker that makes her feel the need for protection to begin with.


So in essence, the lesson for men is to terrorize the woman you love until she gets scared enough that she runs into your arms for protection, and the lesson for women is that it’s romantic as fuck for a guy to do so and/or that it’s fine as long as he’s sexy.

Cool, cool.


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