EXID’s Solji is thirsty as hell for that ripped bod of Madtown’s Jota


Solji of EXID recently revealed that she’s a fan of ‘Cool Kiz On The Block‘, at least ever since she saw Jota of Madtown and all his muscles during the judo special.

Solji reveals she is a fan of the show and says, “I’ve been following ‘Cool Kiz on the Block’ ever since the judo special.” When Kang Ho Dong asks who stood out for her during the judo special, she confesses, “Jota did. When I saw him on the judo special, I wanted to be there to watch live. He looked cool in his judo uniform.” Hearing this, Oh Man Suk teases the singer and asks, “What looked good specifically, the uniform or Jota’s muscles?”

Solji cracks everyone up when she becomes flustered and clarifies, “I meant the way he played judo looked good, not his body.”

Nobody believe that bullshit, right? Right.

I don’t care about any of this, I just wanted to correct the injustice of not having these pictures of Jota posted on this site.




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