C-netizens don’t support SNH48 declaring independence from AKB48


SNH48 are going rogue and breaking away from the AKB48 brand, as we covered yesterday, but they actually might run into more trouble than anticipated because Chinese netizens don’t seem to think too much of this move.

(+5,022) Without the AKB music library, you would be producing manure, go wash up and take a nap
(+4,492) From legitimate to copycat version…..if you’re confident then change your name
(+3,762) I feel so embarrassed…I’m a human right…
(+3,822) The BEJ48 and GNZ48 names are enough for me to laugh for an entire year
(+3,315) With this XXX48 name, they have the nerve to claim originality
(+2,804) Four words: Burning bridges
(+2,700) SXX48 isn’t even more popular than Sunshine, what will you do to break through
(+2,610) Then don’t call yourselves XXX48, not due to the 48g hype, 48g business model, 48g songs, from a line of 18 girls to what they are right now. Shut your mouth okay, be grateful okay?
(+2,581) Like a pheasant (slang for prostitutes/illegally operated)
(+2,225) Now remember, you must remember to be original ah 233 (233= laughing emoticon)
(+2,203) As long as you keep the SNH48 name, you will always live in the shadow of AKB48

This isn’t actually that surprising since it’s not necessarily a contract dispute or a matter of treatment as it is SNH48 just throwing up the deuces to AKB48 and running off with the whole concept.

I’m actually pretty excited to see where this goes from here.


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