Netizens find that Yoochun has an odd fascination with bathrooms


Given how all of Yoochun‘s alleged sexual assaults have taken place in bathrooms, looking back at certain things he’s said and done about bathrooms could come off a bit unnerving now.

Like while on a Japanese radio show, he associated toilets with being beautiful.

DJ: Today is the “beautiful” series
Yoochun: Okay
DJ: What comes to mind when you think of “beautiful” 3 things
Yoochun: 3?
DJ: Yes, it can be a word or a thing
Yoochun: Anything is okay?
DJ: Yes anything.
Yoochun: Conversation
DJ: Conversation~ok
Yoochun: Conversation….Toilet?
DJ: ……Toilet? This is going to be scored…
Yoochun: ㅋㅋㅋ and Sighs.

And then he drew this picture.


Also, there was this doodle by Yoochun of a toilet on a paper cup.


This is all entirely circumstantial, of course, and it probably means absolutely nothing at all. It’s just given the events that have unfolded recently, it would be a weird coincidence.


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