C-JeS to take legal action against accusers + male DNA found on underwear evidence


In response to the four charges of sexual assault that Yoochun is facing, C-JeS Entertainment has announced that they will be taking legal action against all of them.

On June 17, C-JeS Entertainment announced Yoochun’s intentions to take legal action against alleged victim #1, who ultimately withdrew her claim, and insisted on Yoochun’s innocence. On the 18th, C-JeS made another official announcement stating they will be countersuing the other 3 alleged victims as well. The agency stated, “Claims against the 4 people will be filed on the 20th.”

On the surface, at least, this action would seem to run counter to the narrative that the company is paying off alleged victims. We’ll see.


In other news, it has been determined that male DNA was found on the underwear that the first alleged victim submitted to police.

The Korean National Forensic Service examined the underwear after it was submitted as evidence. According to the police, they were notified on June 18 of the results, which stated that male DNA was found on the underwear. The police plan to investigate whether or not that DNA belongs to Park Yoochun. Police believe that if the DNA does turn out to be Park Yoochun’s, it will provide insight and help them determine whether the sexual relations with the first individual was a case of sexual assault or prostitution.

Yoochun’s DNA being on her underwear wouldn’t prove a sexual assault happened, but it certainly wouldn’t help his case either.

Either way, things are getting underway in terms of the investigation, and they’re being surprisingly public about it, so we should get to know most of the details.


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