Recordings in Yoochun’s rape case appear to show C-JeS made initial settlement offer


One of the points of contention involving the first alleged victim in Yoochun‘s sexual assault case is who came to who with an offer of monetary settlement, and it seems like now the receipts are starting to emerge.


On one hand, C-JeS Entertainment submitted a recording that reportedly shows the alleged victim’s boyfriend demanding money.

According to Channel A on June 21, CEO Baek Chang Ju of C-JeS submitted a recording of Ms. Lee’s boyfriend to the police as evidence. It has been revealed that the recording is of the boyfriend saying that Ms. Lee can no longer live in Korea because of rumors of what happened, and asking the agency to help her move to China.

In response, the boyfriend said that he simply put the two sides in contact.

In a phone call with Channel A, the boyfriend responded, “I simply put [my girlfriend] and Park Yoochun’s agency in touch as a favor for an acquaintance. I didn’t lie about what happened. I wasn’t involved in the lawsuit that [my girlfriend] filed, nor the withdrawal of it five days later.”

Again, I don’t understand what angle C-JeS is going for here. Without the context of what the demand for money was for it could mean anything. It could mean the alleged victim was willing to settle a sexual assault for money (yes, that investigation is still ongoing) just so she doesn’t have to go through a public trial, or it could be an extortion attempt based on false charges. However, evidence that the boyfriend or the alleged victim made demands for money in itself isn’t all that important.

On the other hand, the alleged victim submitted a recording that reportedly shows that C-JeS was the first to offer a settlement.

Ms. Lee also has a recording supporting her claims that C-JeS was the one to first offer a settlement, which was revealed by media. The recording is of a phone call that took place immediately after the [sexual assault] incident. The C-JeS agency rep in the clip (played on SBS 8 O’Clock News) says, “We’ve thought a lot about what we can do appease you…” In another clip: “I think it’s right for [C-JeS] to respond to [the price] that you give us.” According to an acquaintance of Ms. Lee, who gave a statement on SBS 8 O’Clock News, C-JeS said that they wanted to make a settlement, and asked Ms. Lee to wait one day, continuously asking her to name a price. However, Ms. Lee claims that she did not receive any settlement from C-JeS, and that if she had, there would be a written record of it.

If that’s the case, it seems to run counter to the C-JeS claim of blackmail, as well as the narrative that the first alleged victim went to C-JeS first to get money out of the situation. In fact, the recording reportedly appears to show quite the opposite, and that it was C-JeS that was eager to make this all go away.


Granted, these are just the debut volleys of evidence, but so far I’m just sorta confused about the stuff C-JeS is submitting and how they’re framing it.


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