KISS reunites on ‘Sugar Man’, sings “Because I’m A Girl”, reveals reason they broke up


Girl group KISS, which debuted in 2001, reunited on ‘Sugar Man‘ to perform their debut hit song “Because I’m A Girl“, which brought back all the nostalgia.

The song was seriously fucking huge at the time, and it was the first a lot of international K-pop fans heard of the genre thanks to the melodramatic music video that every ballad K-pop artist since has tried to copy at least once.

The weird thing has always been that they were disbanded mere months after their debut for seemingly no reason. Their label said it was for internal conflicts, but on ‘Sugar Man’, the members actually revealed it was because one of them was dating.

I’m not sure how to compare how insane that decision was. KISS basically had a national-level hit single as their debut, one that people still love today, and they got disbanded cause of a member dating. It’s like if SNSD‘s first single was “Gee” and then it was discovered by the company (not even the public) that Taeyeon was dating, so they just disbanded SNSD to prevent that from getting out.



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