Kim Hyun Joong’s ex found not guilty of charges from blackmail to defamation


Piece of shit admitted domestic abuser and new father Kim Hyun Joong had previously filed a lawsuit against his ex-girlfriend and mother of his child accusing her of blackmail, fraud, false accusation, and defamation. Unfortunately for his side, courts found his ex not guilty of his charges.

Her lawyer stated, “The verdict was made on June 19, but we stayed quiet in order to avoid media play. ‘A’ experienced difficult days due to being shaped as a con artist. Despite being acquitted, Kim Hyun Joong has not apologized and shows no remorse. He must apologize.” The lawyer continued, “He made the image of her character crash as he sued the mother of his child and called her a blackmailer and con artist. Though she was found not guilty, it was not revealed to the public so ‘A’ kept getting tortured by malicious comments from irrational fans. [He] needs to self-reflect now.”

While that doesn’t necessarily mean yet that everything his ex said was true (her lawsuit is still ongoing), it does mean that Kim Hyun Joong’s side didn’t have nearly enough facts (or any, really) to come off as strongly as they did publicly, and it’s hard not to see their lawsuit as an shameless attempt at turning the public sentiment against her by making it seem as if she was just some woman after his money or something of the sort.

One would think the continuous nails being driven in Kim Hyun Joong’s coffin would lead to fans waking up a bit, but I doubt it.


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