COTD: “Guys guys guys, we were joking before, but now SNSD truly has the bond.”


Hyoyeon recently said something semi-shady about SNSD‘s group relations and how they “don’t have any difficult members”, with people reading into that thinking it was shading Jessica.

That’s sorta amusing all things considered, especially coming from Hyoyeon, and I appreciate the effort to give me potential mess to work with.

Sure enough, Korean netizens chimed in with some delulu shit about how they just know SNSD is so close now with Jessica gone.

1. [+9,027, -586] You mean you don’t have any difficult members ‘anymore’
2. [+4,769, -209] The reason they’re lasting long is because they recognize that they’re all individually different
3. [+3,047, -307] Hyoyeon has gotten so pretty
4. [+2,107, -253] I hope the nunas release a new song this year ㅎ
5. [+2,041, -309] It also helps that they have a lot of members similar in age so it’s like having a lot of friends
6. [+786, -85] Well you had one difficult member but she voluntarily left
7. [+707, -63] ㅋㅋㅋ 1 loss for Jessica
8. [+632, -62] The ‘difficult’ member is gone now..
9. [+600, -76] It really is amazing that they’ve made it this far since they have a lot of members
10. [+339, -44] I think they’re still together without trouble because the group itself is still popular

But as usual, the best part is the international netizens, where the top-voted comment on Netizen Buzz is sorta parroting the Korean netizen comments, but adding even more delulu.


Holy shit, the revisionist history is real.

Remember, until Jessica did K-pop Benghazi, whenever SNSD came up everybody was inundated by waves of SNSD stans telling us all about the group’s special bond (Soshi Bond) being why they were successful. After all, the reason all their performances and variety show appearances and what not were so magical was because you could just SEE the unity and love between them all and…



Fast forward to the present, and now that a member has left in fucking hilariously dramatic fashion, they’ve somehow changed the company line to Jessica being a fucking plague on Soshi Bond. However, NOW that the eight others rid themselves of her, they have found the secret formula to group unity and have a tight bond again. Basically, they’re claiming SNSD were beta testing the shit of Soshi Bond for like a decade for jokesies, Jessica was a major bug they found, and now they’ve perfected their brand after giving her the Stone Cold Stunner out to the curb.

Also, the reason the group is so close now is because they all do their own thing outside of SNSD, even though that shit is exactly why Jessica is no longer in the group.

Hahahaha. Oh man.


As a bonus, here’s an explanation that the reason why SNSD is so successful is because all the members are super duper important — you know, even though they just dropped one of the more popular ones less than two years ago and kept on rolling — not like these OTHER new girl groups (this is DEFINITELY not talking about TWICE and just lacking the nuts to actually say it).


They all contribute so much, unless of course they leave in the future, because then clearly they were always useless, untalented, troublemakers.

This is amazing.


I swear to god it seemed like SNSD stans were calming down a bit before K-Pop Benghazi happened, but now that their perfect little narrative about nine princesses being best friends has been broken, they’ve just fucking lost it.


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