[Update] Yoochun’s first alleged victim reportedly re-files charges, police comment


Yoochun‘s sexual assault case has taken another turn, as the first alleged victim reportedly re-filed sexual assault charges against him. Previously, she had withdrawn the charge, basically maintaining that the sexual assault did happen but that her and her boyfriend didn’t want to participate in the mess.

Channel A has further reported that the first victim who filed a sexual assault claim against Yoochun only to withdraw her suit has decided to re-file her case. She’s also requested the police for a strong penalty against the JYJ member.

I mean this only makes sense if they maintain the sexual assault did occur, because their personal lives are already being doxxed and stuff anyway. Truth be told, once they filed it was probably too late to turn back, so if she was actually a victim, then this makes sense.


Based on the statement the police gave on the report, it sounds like the first alleged victim actually can’t refile, but her testimony can be altered.

A source from Gangnam Police Station commented on the report and said, “In the case that a lawsuit is dropped, it is not possible to sue with the same reason. However, it is possible that during investigations “A” can change her statement.”

I’m guessing it’ll just go back to what she said initially instead of what she said when she withdrew the charges. Granted, while none of this is particularly odd for an alleged victim, I’m guessing to a lot of people in the general public the optics on this back-and-forth isn’t great.

That said, a lot of her credibility will likely be determined by the DNA testing more than anything else, so we’ll see.


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