After Bobby & Mino release solos, they’ll reportedly promote as a unit


So not only are Mino of WINNER and Bobby of iKON maybe going head-to-head with their solo releases, but later they’ll be joining hands to form a duo, according to reports.

According to an exclusive report from OSEN, YG Entertainment’s Song Mino and Bobby will be releasing a unit album together. Following a solo release from each of the rappers, the two will be joining forces in August, although specific dates are not set yet. OSEN confirmed with a source from YG Entertainment, who said, “It is correct that the have filmed a music video for their unit album. We’re unable to say anything about their title track.”

I know, I know, never believe YGE until the teasers are released. But dammit, I want to believe, mainly because I want fandoms warring with each other one week and then two weeks later have to try and make nice (or better yet, don’t) while the unit promotions are going on.


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