Wonder Girls’ “To The Beautiful You” & “Sweet & Easy” also hit the right notes


Along with the wonderful “Why So Lonely, the Wonder Girls also released two other songs on their single: “To The Beautiful You” and “Sweet & Easy“.



“To The Beautiful You” is a light retro tune that’s dreamy and the least upbeat out of the three songs but arguably fits the era they’re aiming for the best. For people that found “Why So Lonely” boring, basically because they have no taste don’t like reggae, this will likely be even more boring, but it was the best track for me.


“Sweet & Easy” is the upbeat pop number and is probably the most digestible for fans of K-pop since it’s not that off-genre or challenging. It’s hard to go wrong with nu-disco, as American charts have proven in recent years, and this is no exception as it’s undeniably fun and catchy.


Only getting three songs was a disappointment, of course. However, the Wonder Girls made the most out of them on ‘Why So Lonely‘.


‘Why So Lonely’

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