Police deny reports saying Yoochun will not face charges + SBS an embarrassment


The latest in Yoochun‘s sexual assault case is the police denying reports that said not only would Yoochun be cleared of charges in the four sexual assault cases against him, but that the first alleged victim, her boyfriend, her cousin had arrest warrants issued against them for blackmail, and both the first and second alleged victims would be charged with false accusation.


All this mess started with a report by SBS that was quickly disseminated seemingly everywhere.

But that only lasted for about 30 minutes before things started to get confusing because the police refuted the entire report.

Specifically, police said that nothing has been decided yet on either the sexual assault charges or the false accusation charges because the investigation is still ongoing.

It blows my mind that a reporter could get something like this so amazingly wrong. To make definitive statements about the outcome of an active case and to not have at least checked to make 100% sure your police source (or whoever) was solid is insane. The journalist absolutely has to know that the police are going to respond in that situation, so unless you’re absolutely sure that your reported outcome is what’s actually going to be happening soon, why would you ever take the risk of running it? Unreal, honestly.


Anyway, as I’ve been saying this whole time (despite what Yoochun’s stans think), while it’s inevitable that we’ll all have our personal opinions on what’s transpiring, just keep your mind clear of a definitive judgment until the police investigations finish. This is a mess, which makes everything difficult.

I’ll be updating as the news comes in, but for now it looks like literally nothing has happened except somebody at SBS filed an embarrassingly wrong report.


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