Rookie Releases: Wilcox, Park Ki Ryang, A.D.E, 021, G.Street, Wanna.B


I’m back to fulfill all your sweetest nugu desires with another round up of people with big dreams and mediocre talent. I’m kidding, of course, because some of these songs are quite enjoyable. Some of them aren’t! Let’s dive right in.


Wilcox – “Bed On The Rooftop” (Feat. Boni)

This really was only bearable because of Boni, but that’s kind of cheating since Boni could sing the alphabet and I’d listen. Also sad considering she made him look really bad on his own track. The verses did nothing for him, the chorus barely hit the sweet spots in his voice, his tone and hers clashed so much during the harmonies that it made him sound out of tune, and the bland music video wasn’t helping.

Park Ki Ryang – “Hustle” (Feat. Mechilling)

Park Ki Ryang is famous for being a hot cheerleader, so I wasn’t anticipating much. I hate myself for saying this, but I can see myself not changing it if it came on the radio in a deep guilty pleasure kind of way. Plus, my white ass can really relate to singing lyrics like “I’m a hustler” with full conviction. We didn’t choose the streets, the streets chose us. That being said, I would never voluntarily seek to put this on, let alone purchase it.

Listen, just be glad I’m showing you this rather than the ballad she did.

A.D.E. – “Strawberry”

Hey, it’s summer, baby! Haha, let’s cool down with A.D.E.

When will Stephanie Young Hwang ever?

Honestly, I really liked this! A great melody, a cute lineup, good styling (loved the overalls), and if the video was better quality this could’ve been a perfect debut for the group. Even with the obvious budget, they did a pretty decent job showcasing all the girls and inserting group choreography shots. I’ll look forward to what they do next.

021 – “Show Me”

Don’t worry, guys, 021 is here to fill the void left by all the other number-named groups falling apart! Sort of?

Song-wise it was very generic, but I thought it was alright for a rookie group. It’s safe and that’s understandable. The actual melody of the chorus did stick with me after, too. As for the music video, I liked some of the different outfits and sets, and was surprised by the quality. However, even though the opening of the video seemed promising, as time went on the girls seemed to be really awkward. In a music video where editing can usually cover that kind of stuff up … yikes. Let’s hope that with experience they lose that.

G.Street – “I Fix You”

These guys are so cool it hurts. Alright, some of their mannerisms are really cheesy, but I kind of dig it. I love the two main vocals and this is such a nice dreamy jam.

Wanna.B – “Why?”

This is Wanna.B‘s fourth single, and while some might not consider them rookies anymore, this is still only within their first year of debut. They caught my eye with previous releases like “Attention” and “Hands Up“, so I’m glad to see them back again. This song sort of sounds a little outdated for me, but for some that might be exactly what they love about this song. The creepy drugging men concept in the music video definitely didn’t win any points with me, either. In the end, it’s not as impressive as some of their other releases, but I think they’re still a group to keep on the radar.


I hope you guys enjoyed this collection of rookie releases. If there are groups you want to discuss in the comments, please feel free to share!

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