Yoochun likely to be cleared in all 4 sexual assault cases + other stuff still ongoing


Yoochun‘s sexual assault case will likely come to a close sooner than later, and the result will probably be that he won’t be charged with a crime in any of the four cases as police have said that it’s difficult to determine that actual force was involved.




That is, well, it’s certainly something.

That statement definitely doesn’t clear him of being a rapist if the only reason he’s not being charged is because it’s difficult to prove that he detained or abused the alleged rape victims.

The standard of what constitutes a lack of consent in Korea is likely the culprit here, because that’s why the wording of the statement by police reads like it does.



So by the law, this decision technically seems like it would make sense. While all four women did say he detained them and prevented them from escaping the bathroom, since it happened in the bathroom and there was no camera footage or witnesses to attest to what the alleged victims claim, it would probably be impossible to prosecute.

Still, there’s not a whole lot that came out in this process to suggest he was innocent, honestly. The police are basically just saying they can’t prove he violently had sex with the four alleged victims and/or that they were trapped against their will, so there’s nothing they can do about it legally.


There’s also other stuff still at play in this case.


The first alleged victim’s blackmail case is a bit confusing at the moment. If all that happened was money changing hands outside of legal channels, then I’m not sure why that alone would constitute blackmail except for a technicality. Seems more like a settlement agreement paid to get her to drop the charges if anything, but perhaps there was more to that since the whole drama with gangs and her withdrawing/refiling charges was a mess.

As far as the false accusations go, unless there’s something else involved with the other three as well, I don’t see how they can charge the victims just because police said they couldn’t get a conviction, and to charge them for prostitution is like spitting in the face of likely rape victims.

But who knows, right? Maybe the police have a reason for it and will soon clarify all of this. But as of now, unless something like that does happen, I don’t see how this result changes much of anything except in a legal sense. Reasonable people knew this was the likely ending outcome to begin with, so as of now, I feel like if people want to cape for an alleged rapist just because the police say they couldn’t prove he was violent and/or detaining the alleged victims then that’s their choice, but I certainly won’t be.


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