SinB gets bullying accusation/criticism for facial expressions, which are awesome


G-Friend is slowly gaining a lot of popularity, which you know is true because they’re starting to get random bullying rumors cast on them because they aren’t “managing their facial expressions” correctly. It’s SinB and Umji involved in this one, and they had to deny something that I didn’t even know was a thing.

Umji says, “There are stories about me and SinB having a bad relationship, but it’s not true. When you’re super close, you don’t end up not showing it off. I think these unthinkable rumors started because of devil’s editing. After seeing it, I laughed and didn’t feel bad.” She concludes, “Our members get along really well.”


Anyway, obviously netizens don’t give a fuck about Umji, they just want to whine and concern troll about SinB’s facial expressions, even in random unrelated stories.

1. [+754, -54] It’s Shinbi’s facial expressions that are the problem. Her facial expressions look so rotten. She needs to work on her facial expressions otherwise she’s going to get a ton of hate one day.
2. [+659, -34] I’m watching the showcase and what’s up with Shinbi’s facial expressions
3. [+612, -38] Girlfriend fans are always going on about how Shinbi’s like a hyung and how she’s so free spirited but to the rest of us non-fans, she just looks really disrespectful. Even when they were greeting the crowd at the beginning of the showcase, her facial expression was so off putting.

1. [+362, -32] Shinbi-ya, I think you need to work on managing your facial expressions. It’s looking dangerous for you.

But fuck that, the counterpoint is that SinB’s facial expressions are easily the best thing about her.

Look at this fucking compilation of gloriousness.

The disdain and disgust she shows at times is what I live for. Does she do “oh oppar saranghae kekeke” shit for Jackson‘s (and Jooheon‘s) antics on ‘Weekly Idol‘? Nah, they’re extra as fuck and she’s DONE.


Fellow members? Done.


Fans? Done.


Media? Done.


But what did you expect from an iljin anyway?


People want to GET RID OF THIS? Goddammit, this is why we can’t have nice things.


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