G-Friend anti pleads with company to get them on copyright, it gloriously backfires


In what is perhaps the best shutdown of dumbass fandom bullshit I’ve ever seen, a G-Friend anti recently got a tough lesson in copyright law. There’s been this insanely stupid pseudo-controversy about G-Friend “plagiarizing” retro designs — yes kids, retro clothes means it’s gonna look like some past shit, that’s the whole fucking point — and one of their antis went to the extent to DM the original design/pattern company on Instagram probably hoping that they would see the comparison and sue G-Friend’s company out of existence.


The problem was the company not only shutdown the copyright bullshit, but then went on to praise it as cool to see.



I just want to know what the internal dialogue of the fan was as this was going on.

“I got these fucking bitches now. They don’t deserve to be #1. I’ve practiced my English for years for this moment!”

“I don’t understand. This is okay?”


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