Revolutionary leader Lizzy tries to regain relevance in Korea with Dokdo pride stunt


Lizzy wants you to know she won’t let only governments parlay land disputes into political capital to manipulate the masses … NO! She will exploit that shit for her own purposes as well, and she proved as much by going to Dokdo in some kind of show of Korean pride that just happened to come after After School and Orange Caramel have died and she’s lost all relevance to the Japanese market.


On July 18, Lizzy posted on her Instagram, “Will I be able to enter Dokdo, where people say three generations of your family must be virtuous before allowed entry?,” along with a photo of her ticket and a small South Korean flag.

In one particular photo, she stands shoulder-to-shoulder with South Korea’s Dokdo Guards, along with a caption that says, “Dokdo is our land. Thank you. I feel reassured.”

This, of course, has led to Japanese netizens (most likely the right-wingers, of course) to flood her Instagram with hate, which will likely carryover for the rest of her career.

But given that I don’t even know what she’s been doing while Raina has been singing on rap tracks and Nana has become an acting queen and gone on with being super attractive, it has to be worth the gamble. If she doesn’t get mediaplay from this, well … oops.


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