BABYMETAL kills it on stage with Rob Halford at Alternative Press Music Awards


As was announced a while ago, BABYMETAL performed “Karate“, “Painkiller“, and “Breaking The Law” with Rob Halford of Judas Priest at the Alternative Press Music Awards.

This is just so surreal. It seems like just moments ago I was discovering them through “Gimme Chocolate“, and now they’re on stage with Rob Halford, killing it to the point where even the YouTube comments are like, “Wait, they’re actually cool.”

What the fuck?

It’s ridiculous.

So thorough was their awesomeness that Neck Deep, the band that accepted the award for Best Live Band, said they didn’t know how they won after seeing BABYMETAL.

“This is crazy, dude,” said frontman Ben Barlow. “Genuinely though, playing live music together is… I don’t know how the fuck we got this after Babymetal. If you try hard and focus, you can do whatever you want.”

Anyway, about the performance, Rob Halford was extremely complimentary…

“That was really intense: Babymetal give a thousand percent just like Priest,” Halford said in a statement after the performance. “They’re leading the charge into the new frontier of heavy metal.”

…and Su-Metal was obviously thrilled.

“It was really amazing and fantastic,” Su-metal said. “A collaboration with Rob Halford, the ‘Metal God,’ has always been my dream. I never imagined that dream would come true!”

Harder and harder to deny their success, especially since what they have overseas is what so many J-pop and K-pop artists desire.


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