Lawyer for Lee Jin Wook’s alleged victim withdraws, seems positive for his defense


The latest update on the Lee Jin Wook sexual assault case is that the lawyer representing the alleged victim has dropped out of the case, citing a difference in opinion about how to proceed.

Lawyer Son Soo Ho said, “The primary reasons [for my withdrawal] are differences in opinion [with the plaintiff] on how to deal with new facts and investigation, and the severe damage in trust that happened as a result.” Continuing, he said, “As always, for the past week, I trusted my client and did everything I could in the interests of the client. Now the new lawyer to be appointed to the case will be taking over that role.”

While this could’ve occurred for any number of reasons, the lawyer certainly seems to infer that the withdrawal has to do with losing faith in the alleged victim’s case as a result of things the investigation is revealing. As such, despite the fact that Lee Jin Wook’s lawyers decided to come off like he was guilty as hell to Dispatch, it’s hard to interpret these recent events as anything but a positive for Lee Jin Wook’s defense.

We’ll see.


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